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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is IPS?

A: An International Procurement Solution (IPS) is a process designed to provide a customer with effective and responsive procurement from sources around the world, i.e., ensuring the lowest product cost consistent with the quality and delivery requirements set by the customer. The demand for this type of solution is rapidly growing in today's increasingly global environment.
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Q: What services does Unitech Building Materials offer?

A: The services that we provide cover every possible area of the procurement process and will be customized based on our clients’ specific circumstances and requirements. Please visit the Services section of our website.
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Q: What are some of the reasons and benefits for my company to utilize the services of Unitech Building Materials?

A: It would be advantageous for your company to use Unitech Building Materials as a solution if it has recognized the need to acquire products manufactured overseas but has little or no experience with foreign businesses or has never purchased and shipped products internationally, or your firm has experience but desires to procure products efficiently and effectively while focusing on other objectives, and/or your company wants to be shielded from various risks involved in the complex international trade process. Our experienced staff and company’s capacity to work for you can save you time and money, therefore contributing to the achievement of your company’s overall goals.
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Q: How can we be sure that sensitive information provided to or obtained from the IPS process will not be shared with other businesses?

A: Unitech Building Materials prides itself on accountability, integrity, and commitment to its customers and per company policy does not share confidential or proprietary information obtained from or provided to its customers.
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Q: How, when, and where can my company obtain the services of Unitech Building Materials?

A: The best way to start the process is by simply submitting your request via the Contact Us section of our website and include sufficient detail on the product(s) that you would like to procure that will enable us to assess the scope of the project and provide you with an intelligent response on its aspects.
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Q: What are the select product lines of Unitech Building Materials and how can my company obtain these products?

A: Unitech Building Materials began its business as a wholesale import/export firm that supplied wood products manufactured and packaged overseas. We offer select Product Lines, including lumber and wood panels. Please visit the Product Lines section of our website for more information. You can also Contact Us for product availability, quotes, and terms.
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Q: What is the availability for your select product lines?

A: In some cases, our products are stocked in the US. Otherwise, the delivery time from the date the order is placed varies by product but is typically 6 to 10 weeks. Custom orders may require additional time. The order process for existing products begins as soon as we have received and confirmed a customer purchase order. Products will be shipped once they are located in stock or produced and your payment terms are approved.
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Q: When and how can we track our order?

A: A tracking (container) number is assigned to a shipment almost immediately after it has shipped from the point of origin and typically this number, the estimated arrival date, and other relevant data will be provided to the customer via e-mail. When a tracking number has been received, the customer may either request a status via the Contact Us section of our website or obtain this information directly from the carrier after visiting our Tracking section.
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