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Unitech Building Materials, Corp. is a privately owned company based in Central Florida. Founded in 1997, our company provides global procurement solutions for U.S. firms desiring to facilitate the acquisition of building material products in volume from the global marketplace. The distribution systems of our clients process hundreds of millions of dollars in products annually and require access to reliable and diverse sources. Companies that we serve are value-added businesses that are incorporating international sources into their supply chains in order to fulfill their operational goals and enhance their financial bottom lines. To remain competitive, these companies have recognized the need to procure their building material products from the best available sources around the globe.


The procurement process is difficult by nature and the implementation in a global environment adds an additional level of complexity due to varying practices and procedures, legal requirements, communication methods, and cultural differences. Over time, Unitech Building Materials has built expertise in this area, and therefore is in a position to provide a range of procurement services that can be tailored to the needs of its customers. Our objective is to procure all goods required by our customers at the lowest cost while still remaining consistent with the level of quality and delivery requirements expected, thus enabling our clients to achieve their business goals.


In addition to our customized procurement services, Unitech Building Materials is involved in the production of select product lines, enabling us to offer customized materials to accommodate the special requirements of our customers.

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